Download FREE Source code Tiva Timetable For PHP

Tiva Timetable is a responsive schedule calendar with clean and modern flat interface. It is very easy to use yet gives plenty of features and styling options. You can use it for any kind of schedule or events calendar. There are 3 layouts for your choice: monthly view, weekly view or list view.

Admin Panel

Tiva Timetable

See demo and guide for Tiva Timetable here!

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This product use Magnific Popup javascript libraries to develop ( (MIT license).


Version 1.4 (18 Mar 2017)
    - Fix : Error 'Cannot modify header information'.

Version 1.3 (24 Dec 2016)
    - Fix : Width of time navigation.
    - Fix : Error time when start on monday.
    - Update : Color of timetable.

Version 1.2 (12 Oct 2016)
    - Fix : Bug of same time events.

Version 1.1 (06 Oct 2016)
    - Fix : Problem of start day (sunday/monday) on calendar.

Version 1.0 (30 Sep 2016)
    - Initial release.

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Download FREE Source code Cleanto – appointment booking system

Cleanto is very powerful, flexible and advanced appointment booking system which can be used by multiple type of businesses. Its most fit for all type of cleaning businesses,handyman services,domestic services, laundry services, maid services, plumbing services and all type of maintenance & repair service provider companies to get bookings online without any hassles. Cleanto is an automated online booking tool for local businesses having lots of features. Cleanto is fully responsive and easy to use.

Cleanto can be used in multiple ways, You can create your own price calculation methods, it has cool features like dynamic pricing, addons services,one page booking, control over appearance, easy schedule setup,guest user checkout, partial deposit, pdf invoice, csv reports export, coupon discount and many more that makes your booking system like a charm for you and your clients. Payment can be collected through Paypal express checkout, and Stripe easily.

Live Demo (frontend)


Live Demo (admin)

Login Email:
Login Password: demo123

Cleanto – Accept Online Payments

Cleanto – SMS Alerts

Of-course Responsive

How booking page works

Video Tutorials

Cleanto – Frontend Client Booking View

Cleanto – Main Features

Cleanto Features

Fully Responsive
Paypal/Authorize.Net/Stripe Payment Methods
Appearance Control
Dynamic Price Calculation Methods
Add-ons Services
Coupon discount
Recurring discounts
Nice PDF Invoice
Email Reminders
SMS Reminders using Twilio and Plivo APIs
Partial Amount Deposit
Methods and Units design templates
Multi-currency supported
Multi-language supported
One page Checkout
Easy and smooth Admin panel
Custom Css for front
Registered and Guest User Checkout
Auto Confirm Booking
Monthly and Weekly Schedule
Add Breaks in schedule
Off time for specific date & time range
Off days for full day off
Registered and Guest Customers listing with there booking Details
Payment details
Export Booking information, Customer information and services information
Embed code on your website for booking page
Sample data add/remove
Manageable Cancellation Policy

How it works

After a simple installation website owner can start add services which will be provided to customers upon booking request.Some Configuration of scheduling is needed before starting to get appointments or bookings. Administrator of website can login to admin panel and have to add schedule and can use breaks and off days. Service price calculation methods and units should be created, like you can create price calculation method as by Area and units may be Feet. Admin can setup payment method to get payment online and create embed code to use this on any page of website, your website can be built with any CMS or Framework like WordPress,Opencart,Joomla, Drupal etc. on all type of website built on PHP, Cleanto embed code will work fine.

Cleanto gives an easy option to setup sample data to check its capabilities, admin can setup auto confirm booking or manual booking confirmation as well. Website owner can set their own timezone and client can see all slots accordingly.

Cleanto provide very easy way of communication between service provider and customers by using e-mail notifications, due to its multi currency and multi language option website owners can set their own currency and language to make the booking easy for their clients.

Booking Page of Cleanto is very easy to understand for Customers and website owners can set its appearance easily from admin section. Its appointment calendar is very nice and easy to use for site owners. After sale of our products we are available for support and updates. Thanks.

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Cleanto Change log

Version 2.0

New staff in business is added
Option to change the google fonts for front booking is added
Methods,Units and addons are sortable now
Language selection dropdown in front booking is added
Made all booking form fields manageable
Assign an appointment to staff feature added
Payment details of the staff is added
Postal code placeholder is added
Option to upload favicon is added
Booking Calendar Js effect is added on date selection
Email templates are imrpoved
Users table data structure is improved

Version 1.6

PayUmoney payment gateway added
Textlocal SMS gateway added
Payment method bank transfer added
Service description made manageable 
Form Field 'How we will get in' made manageable
country code with flag made manageable 
Booking Notification design issue fixed
Iframe full height scroll fixed
Internet Explorer 11 browser design issue fixed payment gateway issue fixed

Version 1.5

Nexmo sms gateway added
Company logo manageable from admin
Installer Script added
New Labels added
Option to delete registered customers added
Company address for booking page visible/hide option added
Zip code dynamic for booking page visible/hide option added
Login and Booking page background manageable added
Existing and new user booking enable disabled from settings
Tooltip added for description in booking page
Tooltip for calendar display available slots
Company logo visible/hide option added
Reset button functionality fixed while adding addons
Prevent booking without login fixed
Frequently discount issue fixed
Update and insert conflication get solved in promocode
PDF invoice for displaying long text fixed
Country code uneditable manually fixed
Display of tax/vat in payment listing fixed
Working of save monthly schedule type fixed
Display of add break tab in schedule tab fixed
Off times in front panel in calendar time slots fixed
Display of expiry date while adding coupon fixed
Notifications count issue on dashboard fixed
Embed Code white space issue fixed
Language translatable issue fixed
Specific mobile view design issue fixed

Version 1.4

2checkout payment method added
Postal Code Enable/Disable option added
Wild card postal Code or zip code option added
Upload image errors fixed
Start time should be smaller than end time issue fixed
Units and addons duplicate names conflict fixed
While adding addons, multiple Quantity option fixed 
Notification popup issue fixed
Stripe user email information issue fixed
Overbooking issue on already booked slots is fixed
Js issue fixed while addon Multiple Quantity in Addons
Booking time in email template issue fixed
PDF Invoice empty method issue fixed
Postal code validation improved
Service page labels improved
Data table download reports improved
Loading image added for payment option pages
Notifications design Improved
Display message on adding and deleting offdays
Display transaction id in payment listing for pay at venue option
Displayed AM/PM in capitals
Enabled frontend design option even with single unit

Version 1.3

Stripe payment method added
RTL Support added
Manageable SMS templates added
Twilio SMS gateway added
Plivo SMS gateway added
Manageable Email templates added
Admin menu design improved
Email Template design Improved
Dynamic timezone while configure
Whats new section added
Manage vacuum & parking status according to settings
Default country code in profile fixed
Forget password for admin and client email notification fixed
Cancellation policy in frontend sync with admin setting fixed
Notification booking status displaying fixed

Version 1.2

Language settings issue fixed 
PDF Invoice labels issue fixed 
Calendar date selection issue fixed 
All placeholders made translatable

Version 1.1

Multi language feature added
Authorize.Net Payment Gateway added
New default image option in add-ons services added
Remember me password feature is added
Custom css feature added default country code option from admin added
Default flag selected in user registration added
Service add-on add new pricing rule improved
Sample data functionality improved
Admin profile validation improved
Validation error messages improved
User details display improved
Discount calculations issue fixed
Add-ons selection issue fixed
Date issue fixed in calendar
Availability time slots issue fixed

Version 1.0

 Initial release

Cleanto updates periodically with new features and bug fixing,You can find change log here : Change Log


Download FREE Source code Room Management with Custom Price Calendar

Flexible date selection for a simple way to custom room price like weekend price, holiday pricem, and other event. It is possible too for add or edit room and change status available for each room.

Easily integrate with book system like hotel, guest house or just room rent.

Who can use this code ?

If you have book system like hotel system, guest house or room rent, you can add this code for complement your features.




Download FREE Source code PhpCalendarBooker

Booking script for single and multiple categories. It can be used to do anything from take bookings from leads for a single service company(like a cleaning company) or can be used to book many different services like cleaning, junk removal and tutoring.

It comes packaged as a complete application with backend admin. The admin can assign jobs to other members or himself. The admin has complete control to ban / delete members, display calendar to public, set hours of operation, change dates, allow users to signup, add categories, edit categories, set color schemes, set default calendar and much more.

Although the application comes with all the bells and whistles, you can dump a demo folder into an existing website and take bookings right away.

There is no easier way to take online bookings and show availability to all potential customers.


Download FREE Source code Tiva Events Calendar For PHP


Tiva Events Calendar For PHP is script which help you to manage and display all events on calendar. It is very flexible and easy to install and integrate into your website.

Admin Panel

With nice popup, user can quick-view event for each day, view event list and event detail. Your events will be displayed lively and logically. There are 2 layouts for your choice : full and compact.

Full Layout

Compact Layout

You can put events calendar everywhere in your website via just simple configuration.

Event list

Why choose Tiva Events Calendar ?

  • Display your events lively and logically.
  • View events via calendar or list style.
  • Quick view event’s info with tooltip.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Full layout or Compact layout.
  • Very easy to install and integrate.

See demo of Tiva Events Calendar For PHP.

If you like our product, please don’t forget to review and rate it . We will support you as soon as possible.


Version 1.1 (18 Mar 2017)
    - Fix : Error 'Cannot modify header information'.

Version 1.0 (20 Dec 2016)
    - Initial release.

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Download FREE Source code Event Calendar – PHP/MYSQL Plugin

Event Calendar is a server-side dynamic web application conceived with PHP/MySQL, built with jQuery FullCalendar and integrated onto Bootstrap Grid Layout. Perfect responsive plugin to fit every device either this is desktop or mobile. Event Calendar allows users to organize and plan events. Simply, install it to your server or integrate it on other project so you can test it, and make full use of it.


  • NEW SETTING – Possibility to edit Events.
  • Create new Type of Event;
  • Create new Event concerned to the type created previously;
  • Drag and Drop Events.
  • Manage to add fields like: Title, Color, Description, Initial Date, Final Date, Link, Photo;
  • Delete Events and Types;
  • Display Events with Modals;
  • Event Calendar uses some featured and latest most used javascript files for simple integration with other projects;
  • Language settings option for FullCalendar;
  • Build on top of the Bootstrap v3.3.7;
  • Some nice javascript enhancements;
  • Easy documentation;
  • Well documented code;
  • Awesome and fast Support!


  • PHP 5.3+, PHP 7.0+
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Apache Mod Rewrite Enabled


  • Sweetalert
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap DataTables
  • Bootstrap FormValidation
  • FullCallendar


  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • PSR2 Coding Standards Followed
  • Nice Client And Server Side Form Validations
  • Secure From SQL Injections and XSS Attacks


Version 3.0 || 01 August 2017

[Added]: Edit Events feature;
[Fixed]: Conection to database on events_update.php file;
[Fixed]: Error with the default FullCalendar language;
[Fixed]: Pagination under each delete modal area;
[Updated]: Documentation;

Version 2.5 || 13 July 2017

[Fixed]: Error message when server conection credentials aren't correct. This solves most of the problems relative to Error 500 and Error 301 redirect issues.
[Updated]: Documentation

Version 2.4 || 16 June 2017

[Added]: Lang folder (forget to add in last script update).
[Updated]: Documentation.

Version 2.3 || 31 May 2017

[Fixed]: Security measures when event is created with no date.
[Added]: Error message when adding event without date.
[Added]: Success message when drag and drop event.

Version 2.2 || 04 May 2017

[Added]: method for saving Drag and Drop Events;

Version 2.1 || 25 April 2017

[Added]: Language settings option for FullCalendar;
[Fixed]: Bug when creating the project without image;
[Fixed]: Changed DateTimePickers and replaced the default values with custom TimePickers;

Version 2.0 || 20 April 2017

[Updated]: PHP 7.0 connection ready.

Version 1.4 || 15 February 2017

[Fixed]: Broken images when no image selected.

Version 1.3 || 11 February 2017

[Changed]: SQL date to datetime type.
[Changed]: Add timestamp into Start and End of the created events.
[Changed]: Removed color from modal on events with end date.
[Fixed]: Error Displaying date under one day event.
[Fixed]: Tipography on some words.
[Fixed]: Correct output of event days when having more than one day events.

Version 1.2 || 24 January 2017

[Fixed]: Error when deleting event When not having image.
[Fixed]: Error when not adding an image.
[Changed]: Alert success messages when adding type or event.

Version 1.1 || 07 January 2017

[Fixed]: Bug when the project didn't have any event, it wouldn't work;
[Fixed]: Changed DateTimePickers order on New Event Form;
[Fixed]: Issue about not displaying other Events.

Version 1.0 || 04 January 2017

[Release]: Initial release;


Download FREE Source code Gcal- Add Google Calendar Event

Gcal – Add Google Calendar Event is a PHP script which help you to add event directly to the user’s google calendar.It is a simple installation and easily integrate on other projects.


– Add Event In User’s Google Calendar

– Event Listing

– Event Updating

– View Event Details In Popup

– 3 Steps Installation

– Easy Documenation


– PHP 5.3+

– MYSQL 5+

– PHP CURL Extention

– Apache Mod Rewrite Enabled


You can contact me for support by email


Download FREE Source code Vacation Rentals Booking Calendar

Online vacation rental booking calendar software for property owners or property management agencies. Create and manage online availability calendar for vacation rentals. Rental availability calendars for vacation rentals, villas, inns, homestays and resorts. Featuring responsive calendars that work on all devices and major browser. Get vacation rentals availability calendars for website, manage bookings you created together with your staff, your manager and partner agents, export calendar to iCal .ics file format wich is supported by Google calendars and can be imported in many email & calendar apps.

Vacation Rental Booking Calendar Easily Manage Your Vacation Rental Bookings

– For Owners or Management Companies
– For Single Property or Complex
– Multi Users
– User Levels
– Customizable Booking Statuses and Colors
– Email Notifications to Owner/Administrator
– XML/JSON Availability Feeds
– Fully Responsive
– Export calendars to iCalendar format
– Detailed Manuals
– PHP 7 Ready
– Multilanguage, language switcher in the back end, public and embedded calendars
– Allows you to add new languages
– Allows you to edit the phrases of each language
– Public and embedded calendars can use separate URLs for each property type
– Public and embedded calendars can be set to display specific number of months calendars
– Public and embedded calendars can be set to initially display in specific month/year
– UI appearance options with rounded corners or square corners
– EU Cookies notification bar can be enabled if needed
– Added some new contrast colors for block statuses
– Other fixes and improvements

Watch the video:

Open Calendar Demo


Download FREE Source code PHP Event Count Widget

PHP Event Count Widget is a calendar widget which can be used in to your website. The widget can count your event in the same day and can view the progress events day. Made with php, jquery, bootstrap and responsive-calendar.

Feature :

  • Responsive calendar
  • Count day event
  • View event progress
  • Easy to use
  • Nice UI

Made with :